In today’s world, your business depends more than ever on a dependable high speed Internet connection. It truly has become the 24/7 physical lifeline to your customers, vendors, and employee team. Layer Four provides a complete range of dedicated Internet circuits to match any size company’s business requirements. In each case, we will provide the best Internet connection available for your specific requirements and geographic location.


Almost any business that depends on the Internet for the web, email, and VoIP needs a dependable T1 circuit. T1′s provide 1.5 Mbps of dedicated symmetrical bandwidth meaning you get both upload and download speeds of 1.5Mbps. Layer Four offers extremely competitive pricing on T1s on our Nationwide network. All the T1′s we offer are dedicated business-class circuits, eliminating the performance degradation that comes from oversubscribed sharing connections such as DSL, cable, and other shared solutions. Uptime is guaranteed 99.999% through our service level agreement (SLA).

Our T1′s typically cost between $199 and $500, depending on the distance between your business and our point of presence (referred to as the local loop or last mile). While this variable exists for all bandwidth providers, Layer Four can offer more coverage to more locations than anyone else.

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Ethernet over Copper

With Layer Four Ethernet, your business can obtain bandwidth above a single T1′s 1.5 Mbps in affordable increments. An Ethernet over copper connection bonds multiple loops together for added speed and reliability available from 2.0Mbps to 35Mbps symmetric connections. As your business Internet demands grow, consider using Layer Four’s scalable EoC solution to provide a cost-effective alternative to circuits that may be expensive overkill for your business situation.

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A DS-3 circuit is also referred to as a T3 and consists of 28 T1 lines. A DS3 has a bandwidth of 45 Mbps and is fully symmetrical, which means a DS3 has both an upload and download bandwidth of 45Mbps. Layer Four can provide your business with a dependable DS3 circuit.

A full 45 Mbps DS3 may be more than your business requires. One of the advantages of DS3 is it’s ability to be fractionalized. A business that has outgrown NxT1 (or bonded T1′s) can jump to a fractional DS3 with a throughput of 6-9 Mbps and continue to scale by adding more bandwidth as your requirements demand it. Adding additional bandwidth is easily accomplished by resizing the port, which takes just a few days.