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How do I configure X-Lite to connect to Layer Four?

X-lite 4.x

X-lite is a great free Softphone which can be used with Layer Four, to register your softphone to your account just follow the steps below:

  • Download and install X-Lite free version
  • You can get the X-Lite for free from here. After downloading the application, install it on your machine.
  • Open X-Lite

  • Go to the 'Account Settings' tab
  • Go to the Softphone >> Account Settings menu.

Configure the SIP account

  • To set up your account, follow the next steps:
  • Fill in an Account name, for example John Doe or simply Account 1.
  • Select the check boxes corresponding to the options available in the Allow this account for section:
    • Call - So that you can make voice/video calls.
    • IM/Presence - So that you can see the status of your friends/colleagues - e.g. online, busy, ringing, offline.

Fill in the folllow data in the User Details section:

  • User ID - It must be the extension ID you received from the Layer Four (e.g.: 0003*001).
  • Domain - You must specify the server hostname or IP address where your account is provisioned (e.g.: or
  • Password - It must be the password set in the Phone Control Panel, in the Edit Extension page or theSIP Preferences section of the extension, available by clicking the Provisioning and SIP icon.
  • Display name - It can be a name at your choice (e.g.: John Doe or Office Phone.
  • Leave the options available in the Domain Proxy section as they are.



Set the register timer

  • To set the required timers, from the Advanced tab, customize the following options available in the Register Settings section:
  • Reregister every - Set to 60 seconds.
  • Minimum time - Leave the default value, 20 seconds.
  • Maximum time - Set to 180 seconds.


Ready to start dialing

  • After making this changes you should be able to see a window similar to the one below:


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